Feel the Meal is a service which provides a wide range of diets delivered straight to your home. The idea behind the brand was not to treat dieting so seriously, but rather give oneself time to implement new dietary habits to everyday life, without the the pressure of being perfect. The goal was to design a visual identity which would be far away from all of the seriousness surrounding fitness and diets.​​​​​​​

The brand communication is based on funny slogans and the layouts should always include three main components: crisp colors, strong typography and illustrations. We created a set of headlines which can be used within the brand communication throughout all media: printed and on-line. The most important thing here however is to keep the communication fun and light.


Creative direction: Natalia Żerko / Kommunikat
Art direction & design: Kuba 'Enzo' Rutkowski / Kommunikat
Brand communication: Dagmara Zdych

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